Vernon Joseph Courteaux




Joey Courteaux was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. His first guitar was a beat up Peavey Electric, which his uncle gave him. He soon picked up an acoustic, continuing his self-taught music education. Throughout his years in the Nola scene, Joey played in many hard rock and metal bands, including New Religion, which opened for Kreator, Exhorder, and Crowbar. Joey moved to Los Angeles in 1992, immersing himself with the new scene, and studying music composition, creative writing, and music theory at Santa Monica College. He continued to play in many bands throughout the L.A. area where he eventually met Kim Williams. The two found common ground in their musical influences and writing styles and continued to play together in many projects for years. In 2009, Joey began to write and record songs for what would eventually become Underhander.

Look for Joe in The Lottery:

As the News Anchor: News Flash, Channel 9

Ripping up leads and fat rythyms: The Vaccine, Patient X1, Swallow That Pill, The General, The Usual Haze

Joe working on tracks for Swallow That Pill

               from The Lottery