Kim Williams as Victor Sanchez

               Kim is the lead singer of Underhander


Kim was born in San Marcos, TX. However, his first intro into music was singing in his kindergarten’s choir inside a Baptist church in Corpus Christi, TX, when he was just 5 years old. After graduating high school, Kim finally made it to L.A. where one of his co-workers was a drummer whose band was looking for a singer. Kim joined Carnival of Soul - a 7-piece funk, reggae band. He then joined the rock band, Wormwood, and eventually, Event Horizon, where future band mate, Joey Courteaux was the guitarist. After working in several different bands since then, Kim and Joey finally created Underhander – they’re most successful band yet. With over 20+ years singing experience for many L.A. bands and a wide range of musical influences from rock to hip hop, blues, and jazz



Look for him on The Lottery: Retribution, Channel 9, Breaking News, The Usual Haze, Rise of The Question Marks 


Kim Williams in Channel 9