Ridel's first band was with River Cuomo of Weezer, the 80s hair metal band Avant Garde in which Ridel was the lead singer, Avant Garde later renamed Zoom were active from 1985-1989.

After Avant Garde ended Ridel moved to Los Angeles where he started the band Lunchbox, many of songs wrote in Lunchbox would later go on to become well known favourites for his next band's (Ridel High album Emotional Rollercoaster

In 1995 Ridel formed Ridel High, released a 2 track vinyl single on Morpheus Records in 1995, the band signed to Lagwagon singer Joey Cape's label My Records and released the album Hi Scores. After this time were band playing shows around LA with such bands as That Dog, Size 14, Summercamp getting industry attention the band signed to A&M Records.

In 1998 the band recorded Hi Scores with producer Joey Cape and released the album Emotional Rollercoaster.The album was not successful. In 1999 the band split up, after the split the band released the album Recycle Bin which featured songs that were recorded for their 3rd album.


After the split of Ridel High, Ridel went on to form Peel with Ridel High guitarist Steve LeRoy, Leroy was later replaced by current Ridel High guitarist Matt Fuller.

In 2001 Ridel formed AM Radio, it was here that Rivers Cuomo of Weezer helped AM Radio get off the ground in 2001. Rivers was enlisted as AM Radio's manager, the band toured the USA and Japan with Weezer. In 2001 after signing to Elektra records AM Radio released the album Radioactive, the band had recorded tracks for a 3rd album for Elektra which was never released, these tracks would appear on the 2005 album "Reactive". Despite various lineup changes through the years AM Radio remain active until this very day.

Kevin Ridel lead singer for AM Radio

Kevin Ridel as Dr. Jupiter 



Listen for Kevin in The Lottery: Population Control, The Vaccine, The Color of My Disease, Whistle Blower, Swallow That Pill, Rise of The Question Marks

AM Radio - I Just Wanna Be Loved

Rise of The Question Marks from

          The Lottery 

  Time Keeps Runnin'

AM Radio Photo Collage