Juan Ramirez

In the 1970's, when he was only 9 or 10 years old, you would find Juan air drumming to Alive and Alive 2 by KISS. Peter Criss is the reason why he started dreaming of playing drums.


The 1980's was also a major influence on him. This was the decade in which he learned about Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, The Who, Pink Floyd, and many more classic rock bands he missed out on during his ealier years. Bill Ward, Nick Mason, John Bonham, and Keith Moon took over where Peter Criss left off. 


Originally from New York, Juan then moved to Los Angeles in 1990 to pursue his dream of becoming a professional drummer. 


He's played in bands such as Flutur, AM Radio, and many more local Los Angeles bands. In early 2000 he started writing music and then formed the very succesful Vera. He was one of the major musical contributors and bass player. 


Kevin Ridel has always been a major influence. In 2013, after many on and off years of drumming for Kevin, they started working on The Lottery. 




Juan in The Hunt

Tracking for The Usual Haze 

Tracking for Swallow That Pill