Dan Flutur 

After spending his teenage years in the Buffalo New York area playing in bands such as Midnight Mass and then Godawful, Dan decided it was time to take it up a notch and headed west to California. 


In the 1990's he played all over the Los Angeles area in his band Flutur, was one of the later guitar players for AM Radio, and then moved to Texas with his wife Marci. He would end up accomplishing such feats that include playing Jazz guitar in a jazz combo, summer of 2014 travelled to Austria to tour with the UTB 1 O'Clock Guitar Ensemble, and recently playing in the band Elektric City which is a mix of Jazz, rock, r&b, and fusion.


Recently passing all of his music requirements for his Guitar Pedagogy Degree at UTB, this is a huge milestone and 6+ (8) years in the making.



From metal, to rock, to jazz, to classical guitar, Dan is proficient in all these styles and is simply one of the greatest rock n roll guitar players of all time.  



Listen for him in The Lottery: Dreaming, Whistle Blower 

Spain UTB Jazz Combo 2014

Elektric City performing 

  Alicia Keys' Fallen

Elektric City performing

   Black Magic Woman